Rinse is an easy-to-use application that helps you manage your music library
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Rinse is an application that allows users to manage their musical library by synchronizing library folders, deleting duplicate songs, providing correct names for the artists, the albums, etc. The application is also able to check for wrongly spelled song names and replace them with the correct ones.

Rinse does not take size as a matter, as it is able to handle huge musical libraries without any difficulty. The main condition for the program to be able to manage your songs is that they have to be in your iTunes library. The entire process of cleaning up songs and libraries is possible with the help of a huge online database that Rinse connects to in order to get the correct information.

After Rinse has been installed, it will search your media library for songs with misspelled names or unfitting album art and will automatically update them. Some Rinse versions will add a toolbar to iTunes interface. This toolbar serves as a shortcut for launching the actual Rinse application.

The program is only qualified to fix the songs by adding the correct name, artist or album, year, genre - it is not able to change files’ formats.

Briefly, Rinse is an intelligent application, which automatically updates your iTunes music library, saving precious time.

Josephine Seaman
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  • Removes duplicate songs from your music collection.
  • Repairs misspelled songs, artists, and album details


  • Trouble with fixing WAV and AAC files
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